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An All Device Multi-Bitrate Live and Video on Demand Platform


Anything Video on the Internet

VOD Encoding

We process thousands of videos per day to multiple bitrates in the cloud and transfer all into your repository. Optionally, can automate the upload process for you.


Embed your video content in social media, emails and anywhere on the web. Display on any device, any operating system, anywhere; video on demand, live broadcasting, analytics and much more.


A media CMS with resolution independent responsive web-design. Show video, audio, images and documents with a story.

Our Main Skills are

Ingenuity, Creativity, Experience and Knowledge

  •   Web & Mobile Technology
  •    Dynamic Server Side Systems
  •     Workflow Automatation
  •   Networks, Security & Reliability
  •      Experience & Problem solving

Small teams get things done very efficiently by communicating.

Our Services

We Are Experts In Developing Business Ideas

Media Web Sites

Today you need to master a mix of HTML, JS and CSS combined with dynamic API connections. The Portal Websites of the past have evolved into scrollable one-page designs like this website.

Video Hosting

We employ Cloud Servers with ultra fast solid state hard drives, residing on the Internet backbone with 100 Mbit/s connections and Linux stability, reliability and security.


Your colors, designs and logo are the starting point for a successful website. We listen to your requirements and build to your specs.

Video on Demand

Upload your videos with drag and drop. Use the generated embed code and paste it into your website, Facebook, e-mails or social media.

Live Video

Connect your stream client to your dedicated live server and you are "On Air". An embed link url can publish your live stream in e-mails, social media and anywhere in a website.


Ad serving as pre-rolls and mid-rolls can be done connecting to a VAST, VPAID or IMA compatible ad server.

Whatever can be automated, will be automated.

(Bernhard Pfennigschmidt CIO)

Onvos provides:

  • Encoding videos to web standards.
  • Media hosting on a global content delivery network (CDN).
  • VOD administration.
  • Any device video player for VOD and Live.
  • Content monetization with third party advertising.
  • Work flow optimization via automated imports.
  • Recordable live streams.
  • Trending video playlists.
  • Statistics.

What we are doing:

  • API, back-end and player development.
  • Research and development.
  • Integration with ad networks.
  • Paywall integration.
  • Dynamically updating/publishing content.

You pay for:

  • Consumed bandwidth, storage volume for videos and potentially custom development (for specific functionality).
  • Traffic volume discounts will be applied to higher traffic demands.
  • Excess charges will be pro-rata.

Our Pricing

Bonfire or LiveBurst, Onvos has you covered

VOD Starter

$ 90
/ Month
Your private Video System.
  • 100GB Traffic
  • 50GB Storage
  • E-mail Support
  • Media Administrator incl.
  • Liveburst only

Basic Live

$200 / Month
Live streaming Services.
  • 200GB Traffic
  • 50GB Storage
  • E-mail Support
  • Media Administrator incl.
  • Liveburst only


$480 / Month
Live & Video on Demand.
  • 1TB Traffic
  • 250GB Storage
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Media Administrator incl.
  • Liveburst only


$950 / Month
High Volume Live & VOD.
  • 3TB Traffic
  • 500GB Storage
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Media Administrator incl.
  • Liveburst or Bonfire

For higher traffic demands, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

Six Reasons Why We Are The Best


We can develop a custom system of normal proportions in a couple of weeks from start to a working mockup. Then it takes normally four to six weeks to fine-tune, improve and cleanup the code base.


We have user-centric UI designs, REST API controlled database access, respecting "best coding standards" while writing code, employ short update cycles and have a general desire to get better every day.


Building and operating high traffic e-commerce systems for 20 years gives us a hint of credibility. We have seen the raise and fall of Compuserve, AOL and Yahoo. In short, we consider ourselves Internet veterans. :-)


These days it is totally normal, even mandatory, to be paranoid to the bones. Server access is VPN controlled and applications employ two-factor authentication. Regarding websites, the best defense is a staged recovery strategy with distributed services.


Our hosting infrastructure lives right on top of the Internet backbone in Dallas, New York and New Jersey. The CDN reports 99.999% uptime. Servers are 1-16 core unix machines with solid state hard drives, automated updates and 24/7 monitoring.


An old saying goes: "Choose between good, cheap and easy and pick two." Onvos gives you all three! High grade cloud technology, super easy to operate at prices way below rates of the competition.

Cancun Online

Some Things You Should Know About Us

Cancun Online is home to a group of dedicated programmers, artists and marketing specialists. We create advanced, distributed technologies for our customer's projects and for our internal needs.

Information About Our Past

Cancun Online is a Mexican Corporation formed in 1995 to create integrated software solutions and web design applications for the tourism industry. A then hatching technology and e-commerce concept lead Cancun Online to promote a specific tourism destination and tourism related services and become the pioneer in the market. We rapidly became the standard of comparison and a reference point in the industry by setting the standard in web trends in leading Caribbean and Latin American Resort destinations.


From our beginnings

  • 1995 - Cancun.com

    Cancun.com, our flagship product, rapidly evolved into the largest privately owned tourism services portal. When the original site was launched in 1995, we generated 500 visitors a day. By 2004 it was receiving between 15 to 20 thousand unique visitors a day, generating 500,000 hits daily.

  • 1998 - Hotelzone.com

    Hotelzone.com, our hugely successful reservation booking engine for hotels & resorts, tours and attractions and transportation, is powered by CORE®, our own technology, completely developed in house.

  • 2005 - Onvos.com

    Always innovative, in 2005 we created one of the first video operating systems online; ONVOS ™. The Onvos Platform is a global CDN distributed environment comprised of several separate components with different functions:

    Since then we have improved our tools and services to industrial scale and now can serve hundreds of thousands of simultaneous video requests without any perceivable slowdowns.

  • 2010 - Televisa Puebla

    Televisa Puebla was the first Televisa affiliate to embrace the new technology. It was hailed as a “Success Story”. They started with 1,300 visitors daily. A few months later they went to 7,000 daily and their bounce rate dropped from 65% to 12.45%! Not bad for a local!

  • 2013 - Onvos Bonfire

    The Bonfire system is spectacularly visual. The platform edits, publishes and distributes digital multimedia content, putting at your disposal, within a single platform, the means to merge all existing digital forms of communication on the web. Manage audio, video, images, animated gifs, text, downloadable files and live streaming, with the highest possible quality.

  • 2014 - Onvos LiveBurst

    Experience freedom of publication for Video On Demand and Live Streaming on the Internet with a clear monetization strategy. We have a simple, affordable solution. Display on Any device, any operating system, anywhere; Video on demand, Live broadcasting, Analytics and much more.
    We are certified compliant with all industry standards including IMA, Vast and VPaid.

  • 2015 - Excelsior

    Inventmx is the largest community of sites in Mexico, assembling under one-roof major communication companies with similar profiles on the Internet. One such company is Grupo Imagen, whose flagship is Excélsior TV. We were contracted to develop a solution to detect and replace, on the fly, hundreds of thousands of videos from other repositories, using Javascripts and API’s and place them on our Player.

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